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  • Some publications are co-authored by scholars who are in multiple academic units.
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This bar chart demonstrates the frequency of the publications by Cornell scholars in a selected journal or proceeding, over the years. Click on a bar to see the list of publications by an academic unit in a specific year. Click on a publication's title to go to the publication's page, which contains the detailed citation data of the publication - including authors list, keywords, abstract and a link to the full text.

The data can be filtered by clicking on an academic unit name in the legend. As some publication are co-authored by scholars from multiple academic units, the height of the bar may differ from the actual publication count for a specific year.

Note: This information is based solely on publications that have been loaded into the system.

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  • Click on a bar to view the list of publications for an academic unit. Click on an academic unit name to filter the data in the view.
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