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  • Click on any arc to zoom in and on the center circle to zoom out. Once zoomed in on a faculty member, click on the outer arc to view a list of co-authored publications.
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The co-authorships are identified based on the affiliation data extracted from the citation of a publication. Currently, we only present co-authorships between researchers with faculty appointments. This visualization has a zoom-in/zoom-out functionality. The visualization consists of three layers: unit-level layer (inner most), person-level layer 1 (i.e., author in context) and the person-level layer 2 (i.e., the co-authors).

To view the co-authorships, begin by selecting an academic unit of interest. In this view, you can observe who has co-authored with whom and how often they co-authored. To view the co-authored publications, begin by selecting a faculty member of interest. In this view, clicking on a co-author (in the outer circle) displays the list of co-authored articles in the tooltip. Click in the center circle to zoom out to select any other faculty/academic unit of interest.

Note: This information is based solely on publications that have been loaded into the system.

Author Author Affiliation Co-Author Co-Author Affiliation Publication Publication Date
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