About Scholars@Cornell

Scholars@Cornell is an interactive knowledge network that provides visualizations for exploring the scholarly record of faculty members, researchers, and departments at Cornell. As stewards of the scholarly record, Cornell University Library developed Scholars as a data and visualization service to improve the visibility of Cornell research. Scholars enables you to find domain experts, to explore Cornell scholarship and research — including grants — and to visualize patterns in the data that comprises Cornell scholarship.

Through its innovative tools, Scholars provides dynamic visualizations that serve as interactive entry points into a rich graph of knowledge. Scholars@Cornell answers questions such as which faculty members are doing research in particular subject areas? What does the scholarly record tell us about faculty expertise and co-authorship? Which departments collaborate with each other? What are the patterns of Cornell's interdisciplinary and international research?

Scholars's portfolio of visualizations contains these interactive experiences:

  • Research Interests - faculty members mapped to their research areas
  • Keyword Clouds - faculty "fingerprints" based on publications
  • Global Collaborations - faculty collaborations mapped in the USA and Worldwide
  • Grants and Contracts - faculty grant and contract activity, both current and historical

The Scholars@Cornell project was initiated and resides in the Cornell University Library, with support from the Office of the Provost. Technology development and disciplinary content entry are directed by the Scholars@Cornell project team, whose members are:

  • Sandy Payette, Project Lead
  • Jim Blake
  • Muhammad Javed
  • Jason Kovari
  • George Kozak
  • Mary Beth Martini-Lyons
  • Joseph McEnerney
  • Adam Smith
  • Tim Worrall

Photo credits:

  • Central campus at night and during summer; AD White Reading Room — Robert Barker / Cornell Marketing Group
  • Tjaden Hall and the Arts Quad — Jason Koski / Cornell Marketing Group